Our Policies

Before contacting us, take a look through this page. You will find answers to common questions and ways to best reach us.

You would like to schedule an interview, or write a review of our upcoming title

Sounds great! Please send an email to We will get back to you and schedule some time to chat!

You want to work at Liquid Bit

Awesome! Find more information about vacancies and how to apply in our jobs section.

You want to be an intern at Liquid Bit

We rarely have internships as we are a small, focused team. But, if you have some awesome game development or design chops, and are looking for a longer term internship, shoot us a note at

You have a business proposal for us

Right now we are focusing hard on building great games. That said, if you have an interesting way to partner or oppertunity, send us an email and we will reply if we can work together.

You have looked at everything above and you want to chat for a different reason

Shoot us a note! You can find all sorts of ways to get a hold of us at the bottom of the page.