Gemini Update - Nov 22 2019

Gemini Update - Cross-platform friends and more!

We're incredibly excited to share our biggest update ever. The Gemini Patch, featuring cross-platform party support! Now players on all platforms can add each other as friends and party up for Quick Play, Ranked, and Custom matches. Additionally, Switch users should notice a significant performance improvement in both gameplay as well as controller responsiveness.

Our partnership with Network Next ( is now live! Players all over the world are eligible for faster connections to our game servers located in US West (California), US East (Ohio), Canada (Toronto), South America (San Paulo), EU West (London), EU East (Frankfurt), AP South (Syndey), and AP North (Tokyo).

Speaking of regions, check out region select (for PC only - releasing on Switch very soon). Choose your region(s) of desired play!

Gemini release notes:

  • Cross-platform party support
  • LiquidID - Each player, regardless of platform, will now have a unique ID
  • Friend invites/inbox
  • Game and controller performance improvements (Switch)
  • Remove idle timeout in local wireless
  • Voice chat UI now enabled in custom match lobby
  • Reduce AFK timeout 60s -> 30s
  • Network connectivity and latency improvements
  • Settles ties between queen assignment with mmr in ranked matches
  • Various small bug fixes and UI improvements

Map changes

Tally Fields:

  • Added space between the start hive zones
  • Moved two berry piles from the top to under the hives
  • Moved center berry pile to the underside of the center platform
Helix Temple:
  • Moved two berry piles from the top of the map to the bottom of the snail platform near the center gate
  • Changed top gate to Morning Star/Sheild from Speed/Shield
  • Changed bottom gates to Sword/Speed from Sword/Morning Star
  • Random hive exits removed, now the only exit from the hive you entered unless it is full

As always, a huge thanks to the community for all the support, feedback, and patience. We're just getting started! Check out the roadmap for what we have in store over the next several months.

The Killer Queen Black Team